Heywood Bowling League

Presentation Evening

2013 Results

AHLord gasfella4

How they got there:

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I Johnson 21 v P Lutkevitch 17

B Wild  21 v K Selby  11


I Johnson 21 v B Wild  18

A & H Lord Cup

Played on 9th June at Summit


        Semi finals:

Wm Pearson 14 v S Mercer 21

J Lines 14 v C Cosgrave 21



S Mercer 21 v C Cosgrave 17


Winner: S Mercer


Eric Mills presents the

Gasfella Shield

to the winner:

Ian Johnson

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The Medical Charities Cup

20th June at Hopwood Unionist


Semi Finals:

F Heselwood 16 v A Cosgrave 21

T Mellor 21 v R Schofield 11



T Mellor 21 v A Cosgrave 19

Med Final Med Win

Tom Mellor and Alan Cosgrave shake hands before the Final

Referee - Eric Ralphson

Eric Mills presents the

Medical Charities Cup 

to the winner:

Tom Mellor















MedFin MedBull Med HBC

Chapman Joinery Pairs

Semi-final and Final on 26th July

at Heywood Bowling Club

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The Albany Cup

Summit Fri 9th August

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Park1 Rec

The Gasfella Shield

Hopwood Rec

Pairs2 Pairs

Eric Ralphson and Frank Heselwood

Dave and Stuart Irvine

with Sponsor Clive Chapman

before the Final.

Clive Chapman presents

the pairs Trophy to the winners:

Dave and Stuart Irvine 

Buttercup Nursery Trophy

Sunday 11th August Hopwood Unionist Club

Semi-final Scores:

A Mellor / W Warwick      20

       D & S Irvine            21


         N & S Mercer         10

E Ralphson / F Heselwood  21

Final Score:

         D & S Irvine        21

  E Ralphson /

            F Heselwood   12

Albany7 Buttercup3 Heywood B.C. Phil

Above: Sponsor and Mayor Peter Rush presents the Albany Cup to Captain Phil Mainwaring.


Below: Team Photo of the winners -

Heywood Bowling Club

 Semi-final Scores:

Tom Eccles 21 v

      Alan Gledhill 17

Tom Mellor 20 v

      Ian Johnson 21

 Final Score:

Tom Eccles 21 v

             Ian Johnson 20

Buttercup5 Buttercup4

From the left:  Eric Mills, Finalist Ian Johnson, Winner Tom Eccles and Sponsor Jayne Grindrod

Sponsor Jayne Grindrod presents the Buttercup Trophy to the winner:    Tom Eccles

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Final League Table 2013

Heywood Bowling Club are the winners with Hart/Ridsdale B.C. a close second


League Aggregate:

Winner:     Billy Pearson (444)  East Ward

Runner-up:  James Mainwaring (433)  Heywood B.C.

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Wk22 Winner

2013 Merits

Bullough Moor 8th Sept


Semi Final Scores:

K Cullen 7 E Ralphson 21

B Sugden 21 F Heselwood 15


Final Score:

B Sugden 17  E Ralphson 21

League President Sam Bebbington presents the Merits Trophy to the winner:  Eric Ralphson


Finalists Bernard Sugden and Eric Ralphson shake hands before the Final


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