Heywood Bowling League


League Rules


1. Practice times are up to 6.45pm for home side, and 6.45pm to 7.00pm for away side. For matches starting at 6.30pm during early and late season (April and on or after 15th August) practice up to 6.15pm home side, 6.15pm to 6.30pm away side.


2. Teams will be 10 a side, home players can practice any time up to 15 minutes before the start of the match, which will be for visiting players only, no visiting player will be allowed to Practice on an opponents green on the day of the match, outsIde the stipulated time.


3. Tapes or other certified measures of at least 19 metres long must be provided by every club for use during the match.


4. Visitors have first use of the jack.


5. Each game is 21 up and players names should be recorded on a team sheet in order showing plus or minus position, new players should be recorded as zero, and wherever 4 pairs are available no less than 4 games be in progress.


6. Any teams falsifying team sheets will be fined £5.00 and 21 points awarded to opponents, and all points played for.


7. All matches shall normally commence at 7.00pm, matches in April and late August (15th onwards) commence at 6.30pm. Any player still absent one hour after the start of the match shall be substituted by another, or the opponent will be awarded the tie 21-0. Any player refusing to go on the green when called by the captaIn shall be adjudged to have lost the tie 21-0.


8. Postponed matches must be played within 28 days or, in the case of holidays, alternative dates should be arranged BEFORE the fixture, and reported to the League Secretary, no postponed games to be played on competition nights.  No team can postpone a second game until the first has been played. All teams are responsible for fullfiling their fixtures. No team can cancel a match through shortage of players, games can be fullfiled with 8 players without fines.


9. 3 days are allowed to lodge a protest, such protests shall be forwarded to the League Secretary together with a 50p fee, such fee shall be forfeited if protest is not sustained.


10. All clubs will be fined £5.00 for each absent player.


11. All captains must attend at the greens, irrespective of the weather to make arrangements for replays through postponements due to Inclement weather.


12. A merit competition shall be run by the League, and be played on one day on one green, homester giving 1 point and the jack, two players from each team being elligible to take part. These players shall qualify by having obtained the highest total scores, and having played in at least 75% of the fixtures. If unavailable selection may go down to 6th position, reserve players to take the position of the absent player. All clubs will be fined £5.00 for each absent player. The draw for the merits will be made on the day.


13. Clubs not represented at Delegates Meetings 15 minutes after start shall be fined £5.00.


14. Team sheets should be in Secretary's hands within 3 days, fine for non-compliance £5.00.


15. Two teams using the same green to play off home handicap with the jack to the away team. Home captains in all matches to put players to the green.


16. Leather, hard or block heeled footwear must not be worn whilst on the green.


17. Registration of players will not be accepted after the start of the season. No player to transfer from one club to another after the handicaps are decided.


18. Teams and players failing to attend the Presentation Night to forfeit prize money, that all other prize money be paid out on PresentatIon night.


19. Each club will be allocated 6 Presentation tickets which must be paid for.


20. Medical Charities Cup is an open event.


21. All registered players must have a BCGBA registration number or will not be allowed to play.


22. In all matters relative to the game of bowls, the provisions of the laws of the British Crown Green A B A shall apply.



Albany Cup Rules


1. Maximum 15 to register 8 to play. 4 at Home and 4 Away.


2. That a player can only play for the club he is already registered with.


3. Any team not able to use their own green must play all away.


4. Away team to have first use of block.


5. Home team captain to put players to green.


6. Strike-out time to be one hour after the start of the match.


7. Aggregate scores plus handicap to determine winning team.


8. In the event of a tie a replay at the same venue if possible.


9. Semi-finals and Final to played on neutral greens, toss of coin to determine which captain puts first block to the green, then throughout the match captains will put players to the green alternatively.


10. First round to be completed by the second week in May. Second and Third rounds by the end of June. Semi-final and Final to be decided by the committee.



League Rules Rules of the Game Etiquette